Appointments & Fees

Your first antenatal consultation will normally be scheduled at between 8 – 10 weeks of pregnancy. This 45 minute appointment provides the opportunity for Dr Olive to take a full medical history and discuss your questions and concerns. An ultrasound may be performed at this consultation.

As Dr Olive is a private obstetrician it is important that you obtain a referral prior to your first appointment. This referral can be provided by a GP or a specialist, however please be aware that specialist referrals are only valid for a 3 month period.

In uncomplicated pregnancies Dr Olive would see you monthly until 30 weeks of pregnancy, at which time your visits would become fortnightly. From 36 weeks gestation onwards you could expect to be seeing Dr Olive on a weekly basis.

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Dr Olive’s practice staff will be happy to speak to you in detail about the fee schedule for obstetric care and management. We do recommend that you ensure that you (and your partner) are registered for participation in the Medical Safety Net scheme.

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